Is there any cost to join CashSwimmers?
NO! Its 100% FREE! We also provide you FREE site templates, FREE website hosting, FREE banners and linking codes, 24/7 support, marketing guides and of course marketing tools you need to become a top player in the online business.

How much money can I make with CashSwimmers?
We have affiliates with earnings $5,000+ per week. Earning depend on your marketing skills, SEO skills and of course the time you are willing to devote into promoting our products. The best news is that even beginniners with little or no marketing and SEO knowledge can make $500 weekly by just working a couple of hours per day.

I am a total newbie since I have never worked as an affiliate marketer. Is there any chance for me to make sales?
YES, THERE IS! Even total newbies have become top players at CashSwimmers after learning and hard work! At CashSwimmers we will offer you resources to teach you all the things you need to know and start making sales. If you are prepared to dedicate enough time into promotion of your sites, you can make living from only promoting our products! To begin with internet marketing, you should follow newbies guides and tips at the AFFILIATE WORKSHOP section inside the affiliate area. Your income will grow according to the time and labour you will put into creating your sites and promoting them. You will see that all of this is really as easy as pie, you only have to organise your time properly.

How and when am I going to be paid?
Payments are made on the 1st and 15th of each month for the previous period. That means that you will be paid on the 1st for everything you have earned to the 15th of previous period. We also cover the the costs of all charge backs, refunds and returns. These are not subtracted from your payment. Our payment options are: Entropay (minimum payout $200 ), Payoneer (minimum payout $200), Bank Wire Transfer (minimum payout $1000) and Paypal (minimum payout $200).

What is Entropay?
When you select Entropay as a payment option, you will receive FREE Entropay virtual VISA account and a MASTERCARD prepaid card (it can be used on every ATM or store on the planet with MASTERCARD logo). We recommend you to select this payment option, but if you want, you can also chose between Payoneer, Paypal and Bank Wire Transfer as alternatives.

What are the comissions I get for selling your products?
We offer the high 40% comissions on all our products (that is $30 - $200 from one sale!) on all our products. And besides that, you will receive an aditional 5% from any affiliates you recruit.

Is online marketing with CashSwimmers hard for beginners?
NO, infact it is VERY EASY! We can setup your sites and templates for you, so you don't even need to know how to upload your templates to the hosting server. We provide you an amazing selection of tools (templates, banners, free hosting, guides, etc) and lists of hundreds of places where you can submit your site. We also offer 24/7 phone / e-mail / and Skype support, and of course a forum where you can exchange your knowledge with other affiliates and learn a lot.

Do you allow affiliates from all over the globe?
Yes we do! CASHSWIMMERS currently consist of affiliates from over 140 countries all around the globe! Everyone is welcome to the CASHSWIMMERS affiliate program. Please note: We do not allow spammers, illegal sites, fraud or marketing in anyway that could cause complaints or cause harm against CASHSWIMMERS or our affiliates. Any affiliate who uses any of those method, will be cancelled, his payment frozen and his details forwarded to the authorities.

Does CASHSWIMMERS permit spam?
CASHWIMMERS doesn't allow any kind of spamming operations. Spammers, illegal websites and affiliate fraud are severely dealt with. We are a respected online company and do not wish to associate with any form of activity that could put us or our affiliates in disrepute.

I am a merchant and I have a product that I think will sell very well - how can I agree with CashSwimmers to market it for me?
Please send us a message through the "Become a merchant" section. We are always glad to hear from potential new clients and believe that we can offer you much more than any other affiliate program, so we are always interested in making new partnerships.

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