The affiliate is, if we simplify, someone that sends traffic (visitors) to the websites and then receives comissions for every sale he makes. CashSwimmers is one of the most user friendly and generous affiliate programs since we offer 40% comissions for every sale YOU as an affiliate make!

As a CashSwimmers affiliate you will be able to send traffic to the product pages. For each visitor who buys product, you will be awarded with 40% comissions of the order amount. Most of our affiliates have their own websites, but it is not required. To help you with puting your site online, we have prepared you FREE TEMPLATES for all our products! However, you can also advertise without even having a website - we offer you FREE AMAZING BANNERS (you will find them at the linking section in the affiliate area) so you can send traffic to our official product pages and get comissions too! You can choose what way you will promote our products, and there are advantages of both ways.

Have you never worked in the affiliate marketing? NOT A PROBLEM! Most newbies don't believe at first that CASHSWIMMERS could offer them to work for themselves whenever they want. Furthermore, after some time you can make living from only promoting our products! To begin with internet marketing, you should follow newbies guides and tips at the AFFILIATE WORKSHOP section inside the affiliate area. Your income will grow according to the time and and labour you will put into creating your sites and promoting them. You will see that all of this is really as easy as pie, you only have to organise your time properly.

This is how CashSwimmers affiliate program work:

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