Affiliate success stories

From big companies, self employees, home workers, students and home mums - those are just a few of all affiliates who have succeeded with online affiliate marketing. If you want to start one of those success stories too, join CashSwimmers and start promoting now!

"When I first thought of making money online I thought it was going to be easy and I'd make gobs of money in no time. Then after struggling for some time I thought "Oh, man, this making money online is impossible. It's too hard." I didn't realize that chasing after those money making oppoortunities by trying to get other marketers to sign up was the problem, and a big waste of time. Then I came across CashSwimmers and that's when stuff changed for me. CashSwimmers has actual products that real people actually want and buy to use for themselves. And not just real products but products that are really in demand. What a difference this makes. By simply selling somethng real to people who truly want to be buying the product making money online became not only possible but very profitable and lucrative as well. The other thing that helped a lot was the CashSwimmer support teams willingness to work with me. By following the suggestions given in the Learning Center and then using the tools provided in the Tools Center my results went way beyond my expectations. My only regret is that I didn't find CashSwimmers 10 years ago!"

- David, USA

"Believe me, staff at CashSwimmers are the best at their jobs! When I started with CashSwimmers half a year ago, I hardly knew what is online marketing, now I have many product pages, lots of traffic and consequently lots of sales. CashSwimmers support helped me amazingly - from setting up my very first webpage to making my first sale. And from then on, it went just up and up! Then I learnt how to improve sales with SEO (search engine optimisation). I will just say this: Working at CashSwimmers is just like heaven!"

- Jenson, self-employee, UK

"CashSwimmers is the first affiliate program from all I've tested that pays on time! I've been working for CashSwimmers for the last 3 months and sales are increasing every week! I've already made my first first $1000."

- Alejandro, student, Spain

"I own several health-related blogs and I'm also a part of some affiliate programs. I have to say that CashSwimmers gave me perfect impression even at the very first start when I joined it. CashSwimmers affiliate program is very well organized and it offers great tools to help us achieve our goals. I also like the affiliate stats area which is very easy to understand. Also many thanks to the support team which is really great at motivating and helping on our way to the success."

- Matt, France

"I have to say that you have great converting products, I managed to have 1:39 conversion this month! Also support team is great and affiliate tools too. I hope I will be able to leave my regular job one day and live only as an online marketer since I really like it."

- Terry, USA