Kindly read the terms and conditions which are necessary to keep in mind before you opt in to register for CashSwimmers affiliate program.

We do not entertain any spam traffic. Please do not use any software such as bulk emailing, messengers etc to drive traffic. If any such traffic would be found your account will be banned and all the earning will be revoked. Participation in this program is subject to CASHSWIMMERS before approval. Send us your details through contact us form and please wait for us to approve your application.

CASHSWIMMERS are very strict regarding traffic. You are allowed to put in any type of efforts in brining traffic but traffic from websites such as illegal stuff or websites which are meant for harmful destruction are not allowed. Even we do not accept traffic from spam and fraudulent means, auto-installers, hacking pages or any other method that could harm CASHSWIMMERS or its affiliates. All accounts doing so will be immediately closed and all earnings will be revoked.

The payouts are sent twice in a month. We send payment to the affiliates on 1st and 16th of the month either through Epassporte or via wire transfer. To ensure payment you are solely liable to provide all the contact details in correct manner. The minimum payout sent is 200$ and 1000$ through wire transfer. In case if your payout is less than that then it will be carried over.

Anytime you are successful to convert the traffic into potential customer then the customer will be deemed to be customers of CASHSWIMMERS. Furthermore, all the policies of CASHSWIMMERS will be applicable on customers such like order processing time and services. We have the rights to change the rules and regulation at any point of time without any prior notice. There can be variations on prices and products depending upon our comity discussions.

CASHSWIMMERS reserve the right to terminate any affiliate agreement at any time without notice. It will be a joint decision of our comity to accept or reject any application for any affiliate program. CASHSWIMMERS may investigate any activity that may violate this agreement. In case of termination you will be paid the earning that is earned by you till date. But in case if your account is terminated due to some fraudulent activity then the details will be passed to relevant authorities and the payment will be void.

Relationship of Parties
CASHSWIMMERS and interested affiliates are all the way different contractors. This agreement does not allow any kind of partnership, joint venture, sales, branch, franchisee or employment between the parties. You are abiding under the rules and you are not authorized to make any statements or otherwise, that would contradict this agreement.

No Warranties
CASHSWIMMERS do not make any warranties which are related to the working of affiliate program on your website. We are not concerned with any type of difficulties faced to the customer in respect to the product failure, delivery, delay or lost of product. We do not take any liability of any error caused to your website through affiliate program such as virus, problem in working of affiliate program or any such. There is no interruption done by CASHSWIMMERS in the affiliate program and they are provided to you as we deliver them.