Marketing tools

Our tools will help you increase sales
CashSwimmers always tries to help its affiliates with the best tools to make their job more efficient. That will make them more sales and more comissions!

We offer more affiliate resources than any competitive affiliate program. That includes: free website templates, free linking and banners, free website hosting, affiliate learning section, special promotions, etc. That is how you will be able to get the maximum profit from your work. Here are just a few of the resources that you will get when you join CashSwimmers affiliate program.

Free product templates
We are offering you FREE profesionally made product templates. You can either change their design and make a totally new one from them, or just use the design as it is. But we encourage you to change the content of those templates. Otherwise your site will be banned from Google search results sooner than you can imagine. With our templates, your way to the success will be much easier. With them, you can get started right now! Just download the template from the TEMPLATES section in the affiliate area, change the content, select a domain for it (read our guide to domain buying in the members area, under AFFILIATE WORKSHOP) and then upload it. Any problem with uploading your new site? No issues! We provide full guides on how to upload your website to your hosting. We also offer FREE HOSTING to help you start right away! Now your site is ready to start receiving traffic and making you sales!

Banners and linking section
Tools that CashSwimmers affiliates use the most are surely banners and links. With the links we offer you, you can easily start a PPC campaign in a second and send the traffic directly to our official product page! Furthermore we offer all affiliates many dimensions of product banners that are made to fit into any website. You will find our huge selection of linking and banners in the affiliate area when you login. If you don't find the appropriate banner for yourself, just contact us and we will be glad to make to a new banner FOR FREE which will satisfy your needs.

Choose your technique - own site or landing page!
CashSwimmers strives to offer its affiliates the best possible chances for the success. Thatswhy we are encouraging you to write unique content, no matter if you are using affiliate templates or if you are just writing a blog. You could also just link to our landing pages (send traffic there by PPC or blog posts). You can also make a review site and send traffic from there to our landing pages till you make your own site. Then you can just change the code and start sending that traffic to your own product page! No matter what you choose, you will always be credited for every sale you make, thanks to CashSwimmers' amazing tracking system.